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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What is GST 03 Form?

  • GST 03 Form is Good and Service Tax Return Form
  • Output Tax > Input Tax = Pay to Customs
  • Input Tax > Output Tax = Refund from Customs
  • It required to be furnished to the Director General not later than the last day of the month following the end of the taxable period. E.g. Taxable period end at 30th April 2015, GST Submission last day for taxable period April is at 31st May 2015.
  • Refund from customs 14 days if filed electronically or 28 days if filed manually
  • It can be submitted through the following channels:-
  1. by electronically;
  2. by posting to GST Processing Centre; or
  3. by furnishing to the GST Processing Centre
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It consists for the following information: -
1) GST No.

2) Name of Business

4) Return and Payment Due Date

5a) Output Tax - Total Value of Standard Rated Supply
      SR + DS (Excluding Tax)
5b) Output Tax - Total Output Tax (inclusive of Bad Debt Recovered and other Adjustments)
      SR +  DS + AJS (Tax Value Only)

6a) Input Tax - Total Value of Standard Rated Acquisition
      TX + IM + TX-E43 + TX-RE  (Excluding Tax)

6b) Input Tax - Total Input Tax (inclusive of Bad Debt Relief and other Adjustments)
      TX + IM + TX-E43 + TX-RE +  AJP

7) GST Amount Payable (Item 5b – Item 6b)

8) GST Amount Claimable (Item 6b – Item 5b)

9) Do you choose to carry forward refund for GST?

10) Total Value of Local Zero-Rated Supplies

11) Total Value of Export Supplies

12) Total Value of Exempt Supplies
      ES43 + ES

13) Total Value of Supplies Granted GST Relief

14) Total Value of Goods Imported under Approved Trader Scheme
      IS (Excluding Tax)

15) Total Value of GST Suspended under item 14
      IS (Tax Value only)

16) Total Value of Capital Goods Acquired
      TX (Capital good, Excluding Tax)

17) Bad Debt Relief
      AJP (Excluding Tax)

18) Bad Debt Recovered
      AJS (Excluding Tax)

19) Breakdown Value of Output Tax in accordance with Major Industries Code

20) Name of Authorised Person

21) Identity Card No

22) Passport No.

23) Nationality

24) Date

25) Signature

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